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What’s New to Risk Free?!

    1. You pick your styles and sizes! Also, feel free to leave us note on what colors you’d like to see in your shipment.  While color requests are not guaranteed, GK will do our best to fulfill on your preferences.  If no color preferences are noted, GK will send you a mix of leotards to appeal to every gymnast!

    2. Shipping will continue to be free to your place of business. Return shipping has just got easier for our customers!  A flat $20 shipping and handling fee will be charged to your invoice upon box return.  We have made shipping your box back to GK even easier!  Just use the return shipping label included and set up a pick-up or drop off at your local UPS location.  This will guarantee proper tracking and processing of your box in the quickest manner.  If you have any questions regarding your return shipping, please Call your Risk Free Customer Engagement Specialist with any questions by email or by telephone: 800-345-4087.

    3. The Risk Free product assortment is ever changing, and new products are continuously added! Plus, we have NEW LOWER PRICING!

    4. Your orders and returns will process faster than ever thanks to a new system within GK. With this change, are going to need to update your credit card information on our new system. All new orders after October 1, 2020 will require you to update your credit card on file.  You can easily do this online when you place your order at the following link:

    5. GK is moving to a one box at a time system to make it easier for you to keep track of what you sell and what you owe. As soon as you return and pay for your current shipment, we will quickly process your next order and send you a new selection.  Please note that GK will no longer be offer the Special Event program.  If you would like to stock and sell Risk Free for a meet or event, it is recommended to order additional quantities in your planned Risk Free shipment.

    6. Boxes that you receive can be kept for up to 60 days! If you want to return your box prior to the 60 day deadline, no worries!  GK will charge you credit card on file, for any apparel sold, within 5 days of your return.  For example, if you keep you box for 60 days, your card will be charged for sold merchandise on the 65th day; if you keep the box for 30 days, the card on file will be charged on day 35.

    7. Non-returnable (1999 style leotards) are no longer part of the Risk Free program. But, good news!  You can still purchase these last chance leotards at the following link:  You must be logged in to your dealer” account on to see this style and purchase.

How do I order?

    1. Complete a Risk Free Program Authorization to Ship form

    2. Head to and place your order online

There are two ways to order and you can let us know by checking the preference on the online order form:

  • After your first online order, you can let our GK Risk Free Customer Engagement team send your next package based on your return package. You can request this option on your first order form.
  • Complete a new online order form for each Risk Free order

Call your Risk Free Customer Engagement Specialist with any questions by email or by telephone: 800-345-4087

What Do I Do with My New Box?

Risk Free merchandise now comes in a cute and REUSABLE and RETURNABLE box! 

Upon receiving your new box, follow these quick steps to help your Pro Shop succeed!

  • Display your new products for up to 60 days. We have included hangers for easy merchandising.  The better your products look, the more likely someone is to buy!
  • Post your new leotard sign above or next to your assortment to let your knew customers know NEW LEOS ARE HERE!
  • Keep the box handy with the return slip and shipping label inside.
  • Sell, sell, sell!

When you are ready to send back your box, or the 60 day selling period is over, returning your unsold merchandise has never been easier!

  • Use the cute, REUSABLE and RETURNABLE box your shipment came in and make sure the return sheet is inside the box. This will help GK process your return quickly upon arrival back at our facility.  
  • Pack your return box with the items on hangers.
  • Use the return shipping label provided with your order and ship your box back to us.
  • To find your local UPS store or schedule a pickup at your place of business, visit!

How to Keep Your Shelf Stocked Between Boxes!

With the new one box at a time policy, you may be thinking, “My rack is going to be empty! What do I do until my next box comes?!”

GK is here to help!  Here are few quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to keep some leotards in your Pro Shop between boxes. 1. Keep some of your Risk Free styles!
Do you have pretty leotards left over?  Are some of your best selling colors are still mixed in?  Keep ‘em!  They will be charged to your Risk Free account as sold items, but there is no easier way to keep something on the rack.

Or take advantage of our keep the box incentive.  At any point during your Risk Free period, you can keep all the leotards in the box and receive a 25% discount. Just contact GK Customer Engagement by email or by telephone: 800-345-4087 and let them know you want to keep it!  We will also be able to quickly process a new box and send it to your Pro Shop!
2. Purchase FINAL SALE styles from It is easy and SUPER AFFORDABLE – just $5.00 per leotard!  Just log into your dealer account on, search “1999” in the search bar and order away!  While you cannot pick your styles or colors with FINAL SALE styles and are non-returnable, at $5.00 a leotard, give it a try!
3. Checkout our amazing selection of Seasonal Essential and Annual Stock styles. This guarantees you have the most up-to-date assortment in your Pro Shop! Contact GK Customer Engagement by email or by telephone: 800-345-4087 to be set up as a wholesale account, if you are not already!

Terms & Policies:

Shipping Policy:

The Risk Free Program comes with free shipping to your place of business within the continental U.S.  You will be responsible for the payment of return shipping.  $20 will automatically be added to your invoice.  Use the included return shipping label and set up a pick-up or drop off at a UPS location. 

Keep the Box Incentive – 25% Off:

You can choose to keep the whole box of Risk Free merchandise at any time during your 60-day period.  If you “keep the box”, you will receive a 25% discount off your entire invoice, plus no return shipping charge will be applied! And, as soon as you pay your invoice, we can ship a new box to you. Minimum order quantity is 25 units.  Contact the Customer Engagement team by email or by telephone: 800-345-4087 to pay and keep the box!

Payment Terms:

You may keep your Risk Free for up to 60 days.  On the 60th day, you must return your box if you have not already.  Once your box has been returned, your credit card on file will be charged for the sold merchandise within 5 business days.  If GK has not received your retuned box by the 65th day of the Risk Free cycle, and you have not notified GK of your interest in the “Keep the Box” incentive, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the outstanding box of merchandise. 

Return Policy

Please return your products in the same manner that were shipped to you. 

 GK reserves the right to change the terms and policies of the Risk Free at any time.

 How to Join Risk Free!

Becoming a Risk Free member is quick and easy!

Step 1: Complete the Risk Free New Account Application.

Step 2: Submit the Risk Free Program Authorization to Ship form .

Step 3: Fill out and submit the Risk Free Program Online Order Form completely to select the styles, sizes, and quantities you would like to receive in your first shipment!

Step 4: Receive confirmation from the GK Customer Engagement team of your acceptance into the Risk Free Program!

Step 5: We’ll get your first box in the mail so you can start selling!

Already a part of the Risk Free Program?!

Submit a new order by completing the Free Program Online Order Form!